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Client: Match.com, October 2008


The 21st century has revolutionized the dating scene. Discover how you can make the most of your time to find that perfect someone.


The 21st century has significantly transformed the way people live. Most notably, advancements in web technology have revolutionised human communication, with individuals using the internet to instantly connect with one another across the globe.

Online dating is arguably one of the biggest social changes to have taken place, with millions of people looking to the web for love. Indeed, gone are the shameful days of having to concoct a fantastical story for friends and family about how you and your internet partner met. Widespread acceptance has replaced the previously felt embarrassment, and people are increasingly recognising the value – both in time and quality – of courting prospective partners online.

Just look at the statistics: in 2007, 7.8 million single British people used some form of online dating service, with 52% of men and 48% of women having done so within the last 12 months. Many of the users are also said to be professionals aged 30 and over, who lead busy working lives and hold a good education. A recent study further identified that digital dating offers ‘surprisingly high’ odds for long-term relationship survival.

Why has the UK online dating scene taken off so spectacularly? One of the biggest reasons attributed is lack of time to go out and meet the ‘right’ person. It is a fact that many are tending to focus more on their careers, leaving settling down until later in life. Consequently, there’s been a decline in numbers of people having the time to date.

Not only that, but with the range of applications the internet offers, it’s easier to search for like minded people, thus removing the hassle of wading through a mass of undesirables. When joining an online dating service, participants create a profile including their likes and dislikes, as well as photos, thus making it possible, at a glance, to determine whether or not someone’s a potential match.

After selecting potentially desirable dates, you can then engage in some online flirtation to further establish compatibility. In place of writing love letters, potential couples can woo one another via instant messaging, thus making the whole process that much more efficient. ‘Speaking’ online is also a great precursor to meeting up, and since it’s a speedy method of communication, it can be conducted on the run!

Taking the lottery out of looking for love, while at the same time maximising your limited time, online dating in the UK has found a way to bring the romance back. It’s a trend predicted to continue well into the future, with many stating the internet is one of the only successful ways to meet your perfect match.

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