Ignorance is bliss/Fuck the vegans

My whole ‘going green’ philosophy developed from information I discovered – mostly unintentionally – about the products and services I use and which, now gained, is hard to dismiss (even when I sing ‘tralalalala’ when entering those premises housing all manner of enticing – and mostly utterly useless, yet bewitching nonetheless – objects).

While this information is interesting, it’s also irritating. Once you start asking questions – What’s this t-shirt made from? Where was it made? Who made it? etc., etc. – almost everything becomes taboo. Even a lot of purported ‘green’ items – bamboo fibre, for example – are often bad.

But who’s got the time to adequately research, let alone adapt to, a truly eco-friendly lifestyle? Especially if we have to check EVERY ‘fact’ we come across. This is what made me start Green Rocks back in 2015. I was already researching these issues; why not share my findings and remove the pain for someone else?

It seems, however, I’ve missed one of the biggest environmental impacts on the planet: animal agriculture. Hmmmm! There go my bacon dreams up in a puff of buttercream smoke; and yet another boulder – and one I’m highly unhappy about climbing over – appears on the path to going green. But now I have this information, how can I avoid it and still say I care about the environment?

An excerpt from a video you should definitely take 11 minutes out to watch:

“Animal agriculture is the leading cause of green house gas emissions leading to global warming; using a third of the earth’s fresh water, up to 45% of earth’s land and responsible for 91% of amazon destruction. It’s the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones and habitat destruction … [it is the] absolute most devastating and pervasive single cause of multidimensional environmental destruction.”

That’s all I have to say on the matter just now. I need time to come to terms with my new found knowledge before I can think clearly again. In the meantime, I’m still going to publish my Green Rocks lists, because going vegan is not the answer to everything (although apparently quite a lot). So we’ll still need to ditch our penchant for fantastic plastic crap and all that jazz! The first list will be along anon…

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