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I love clothes. Specifically, cardigans. And coats. And dresses. And trousers. And shirts. And pretty much anything pretty. This love affair, however, often clashes with my love of living in an environment characterized by clean air and reduced waste and happy trees and safe drinking water. Can the two live harmoniously side by side? If not, I have to make a choice.

RATIONALLY speaking, I don’t need my obese wardrobes, stuffed with shiny nylon and polyester bargains, and t-shirts and sequinned monstrosities that I’ve only worn once (or never before). And I certainly don’t need to buy any new clothing for a very long time, unless I can’t break my cake habit and/or my moth stalkers devour everything.

IRRATIONALLY speaking, I simply cannot ignore the beautiful ‘mylife(andwardrobe)willfinallybecompleteandIwon’teverneedtobuyanythingeveragain’ colourful creations marketed to me at every turn. I’m an addict, and I’m weak, and while I can go without buying something new for a few weeks, I will, at some point, suddenly, become possessed by the absolute NEED to buy something that I definitely, rationally don’t need. And my resolve will break.

This blog post is my attempt to kill my addiction, or at least divert its energies into more eco-friendly channels. I’ve broken it down into 6 sections, to make it more digestible: (1) green materials; (2) where to buy what; (3) what to do with old clothes; (4) facts & figures; (5) further reading/viewing; and (6) green labels. Due to the amount of research involved, these sections will be available over the coming weeks. I’ll update as they come online!

First, here are five tips for reducing clothing waste (saving cash) and rocking green fashion:

  1. Repair damaged items
  2. Buy second hand
  3. Search for green alternatives to environmentally-unfriendly materials
  4. Sell or donate unwanted clothes
  5. Recycle clothes that can’t be sold or donated

Have any comments, ideas or tips? Let me know below.

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  1. Ignorance really is bliss ….
    Ignorance really is bliss ….

    […] etc. – almost everything becomes taboo. Even a lot of purported ‘green’ items – bamboo fibre, for example – are often […]

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