Go out and do something!

Feeling frustrated, powerless, even desolate, at the current state of world affairs, I sat down with a particularly large coffee (probably too large given its effect!) and let my mind wander through the possibilities of what I can do to make a difference. Change something – any one of the things – I feel so hopeless about. It came up with the following suggestions:

• Re-start ‘Green Rocks

• Have a giant rant

The former will happen over the weekend; the latter can be found below!

Something someone recently said stuck in my mind: Be active. Don’t just share information, actually go out and DO SOMETHING! And while the world was in a tailspin long before Theresa May was handed the leading role in the U.K. and Trump took power in the U.S. – thus setting environmental and human rights policies on a scarily backward trajectory – these events, among many others, have somewhat compounded the situation. For me at least.

So here’s what I have to say, to anyone who’s willing to hear it: Stop thinking that as one person you can’t change anything. Bullshit! We can influence our children, our family, our friends. Businesses. Our opinion does matter. Word of mouth is the strongest form of advertising. Start advertising. Your vote does count. Vote with your wallet, your mouth, your actions, your conversations. Be vocal, annoy the fuck out of everyone; be that condescending prick no one wants to hear. Make your voice heard. We have to change our behaviour and we have to change it now! Going green and being socially responsible don’t have to be expensive, inconvenient and, god forbid, uncool. In fact, the opposite is true!

Whether or not the stories are right that we live in more dangerous, or indeed, better times, many of us live in a reality where fear is at the forefront: Fear of disease, of hate, of terrorism; fear of not having the latest phone or trainers; fear of being the same, of being different, of being normal, of being abnormal, of being gay, of not knowing; fear of growing old, of saying the wrong thing. Fear is great for those in power, because we are controllable under fear. We buy under fear. We divide ourselves under fear.

Stress has become a sign of success. The more we have to do, the more important and successful we must be. Leave work on time, go home and do something fun? You stupid, inconsiderate person! Stay at home and raise your children to be cool? Fuck that! Get your lazy ass back to work, make someone else rich, feed into the consumerist machine; and while you’re at it, drop a few dress sizes, buy some anti-wrinkle cream and let someone underpaid and overworked look after your kids. After all, they’re just kids; they don’t need to grow up and be reasonable adults in control of world affairs. Oh, wait …

Fear and stress are in their element. They’re in cahoots with those in power, and their evil plan is working. You’re scared and tired and crazed; disease is on the rise; the pharma and insurance industries are loving it. The shops are loving it. Hug a tree? Fuck that, visit Primark or buy a Playstation. It’ll make you much happier. Work, work, work; buy, buy, buy. Assuage your fears with products and services; satisfy your discontent with consumerism.

Except that we’ll never be satisfied. Even when we install that new kitchen, or buy those shoes, or get that phone, or or or. There will always be something else we want. So recognise it, own it and change it. Let’s not be part of an elitist world’s wet dream.

Instead, let’s say ‘Fuck that’ and use our common sense. I repeat, going green and being socially responsible don’t have to be more expensive, inconvenient or uncool. In fact, the opposite is true. At some point – if we don’t blow ourselves up first – the planet is going to tip up its rug and shake us out, and then we’ll have nowhere to spend our money and drive our fancy pants cars. So let’s use the information we have, act on it and start taking control of the situation.

I’ve been thinking about how I can contribute to pushing change in me and, if possible, my friends and family. I’m going to try and make going green rock by publishing a series of lists to easily implement positive change. We can make a difference! We will make a difference!


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